Sip and explore wine with our expert

WineCopilot is a wine tasting experience on your terms. We are a fun and educational resource to taste and learn about wines.

Browse through our pre-selected wine tasting sets, 3-4 standard size bottles. Our wine tasting sets are selected by top wine experts based on regions and flavors. Each wine tasting set comes with a video where our expert tastes the exact same wine bottles you receive from us. While enjoying the wine with your significant other or friends - you will learn about the regions where the wine came from, how it was made, the story behind it, as well as acquire a taste for wine and learn how to find a good wine on your own.


Step 1

Select your Wine Tasting Set of 3 or 4 wines.


Step 2

Receive your expressed shipped bottles. Unlock the custom Wine Tasting Video with our Wine Expert.


Step 3

Enjoy and take tasting notes right on the WineCopilot app!