Exploring White Wine Varietals

So many white wines out there – how to choose? Exploring the realm of the pale grape offers numerous opportunities – no reason to sit on just one! Here we sample together the key white wine grape varieties and explore their important distinctions – discussing some great food and wine pairings along the way. What could be more refreshing! The Exploring White Wine Varietals wine tasting sets include...

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Exploring the World of Wine 101

What’s your favorite? White, red, sparkling? This fun international collection looks at the breadth of the wine world in one tasting. We will taste side by side the basic wine types and discover their characteristics, discussing key wine components, attributes, and terminology – all while enjoying some great wine. Who knows - maybe you’ll change your favorite wine type after trying Exploring the...

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Exploring Sparkling Wine

Not all that sparkles is Champagne, but bubbles from anywhere can be great! The land of Sparkling Wine is vast and exploring it great fun. We will taste the breadth of the category in this multi-national bundle, comparing the different grapes, styles and production methods. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion – just open the box and the party begins!