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Exploring Red Wine Varietals

Full-size bottles accompanied by an expert-guided 50 min tasting video.

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Are you a white wine drinker or a red wine quaffer? You can, of course, be both . . . If your favorites are red - or if you are red curious - this tasting is for you! Exploring the large and varied world of red wine takes time, but this grouping offers a great start, traveling around the world sipping some of the major red grapes.

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  • 4 great wines in the package
  • Perfect for 2 - 4 people

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Wine tasting WineCopilot Exploring Red Wine Varietals

Richard Vayda

Presented Director of Wine Studies

Richard Vayda, a celebrated expert with over 35 years in the wine and gastronomy world, is a connoisseur shaped by his Italian heritage. His early exposure to homemade winemaking ignited a lifelong passion for wine and food. Academically, Vayda boasts a master’s degree in Foodservice Management from NYU and has studied at The Sorbonne in Paris, further enriched by a certification from The Sommelier Society of America. His dedication to the field is evident in his extensive travels to major winemaking regions worldwide, enhancing his understanding of global wine cultures. In addition to his academic pursuits, Vayda is an accomplished entrepreneur, having opened and operated various dining venues in Connecticut and New York, including restaurants, cafés, and lounges. Currently, he is at the forefront of wine education, leading classes and courses at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. His broad experience in both culinary and wine industries positions him as not just an expert, but a venerated figure among wine and food enthusiasts.


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